We strategize and produce quality content for tech teams with big goals.

About Megawatt

Founded in 2015, Megawatt is a boutique content agency that specializes in B2B technology. We turn complex ideas and technical expertise into informative and insightful content that drives growth across the sales and marketing funnels and supports customer success.

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The Megawatt Culture

We grow humble, honest leaders who build relationships and deliver results.

Our third hire? A VP of people operations. Why? Because the quality of our relationships drives the quality of our work. We care about our clients and our employees as human beings who are capable of so much more than what fits in a job description or scope of work.

We seek to bring out the best in our teammates, empower each other to work in our strengths, and provide enthusiastic support for our entire Megawatt community. Our goal is to form lifelong relationships that endure long after a contract or tenure at Megawatt has ended.

Location agnostic
We are an intentionally distributed agency, because it is our goal to hire people for their talent and eagerness to grow and contribute at the highest levels, no matter where they live.

We have team members and clients all over the U.S. and the world. We value diversity, equity, and inclusion and strive to bring unique points of view and a desire for deeper understanding to all interactions.

We have a strong culture of coaching and feedback, because we believe in enabling people to realize their full potential—at work and in life—through kind, direct, and honest communication.

We take pride in our work and also appreciate that our clients and employees have lives outside of work: kids and pets and hobbies and creative pursuits that all deserve their attention, too. (And make regular appearances in our Slack channels and occasional Zoom bombs.)

Kind & curious
We have fun working together and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are curious, open-minded, and love pushing ourselves to think bigger. We aim to leave every place, team, and project a better place than we found it.

The Megawatt team

Meg Scarborough

CEO & Founder

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After starting her career as the first marketing hire at a startup, Meg helped build the content practice at tech PR firm LaunchSquad. In 2015, Meg started Megawatt to bring a new lens to B2B tech content marketing. Her first love is writing, and she has found an unexpected calling in building a business out of her passion for the written word. She also loves technology and enjoys trying out new apps and looking for new ways to “work smarter.” Her favorite book of all time is Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke, though these days she’s ploughing through literary murder mysteries like it’s her job (it’s not).

Kristen Reavis

VP, Talent, Culture & Growth

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Kristen leads people operations, talent development, and team vision for Megawatt. She brings an impressive background spanning the energy, non-profit, and education sectors to her role at Megawatt, where she coaches the entire team with the goal of helping us be the best people—and build the best agency—we possibly can. She lives with her husband and four kids in Nashville, TN, and she can’t choose a favorite book but recently loved Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

Andrea Schiavone

VP, Operations & Finance

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With over two decades of combined client side and agency B2B marketing experience, Andrea is an accomplished revenue marketer. She specializes in building client relationships, leading cross-functional teams, and managing projects that directly impact revenue targets. Andrea is an analytical, data driven thinker who understands the big picture and sweats the details. As VP of Operations and Client Services, Andrea drives internal and client facing efficiencies for both Megawatt’s growth and stellar client experiences.

In her downtime you can find Andrea maintaining both physical and mental balance on her yoga mat.

Kristin Allaben

VP, Client Services

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Kristin Allaben is the VP of Account Management at Megawatt Content Marketing. In this role, she works closely with both clients and the internal Megawatt team to create and support strategic initiatives, brainstorm creative ideas and create compelling content. Allaben has more than 10 years of experience in tech PR, spanning the IT security, unified communications and digital experience management industries. She also has significant business coaching experience. As with any good content marketer, Allaben loves to read, so it’s hard to pinpoint a favorite book, but you can often find her reading anything with a strong female character, especially if it’s set in Europe (ideally Scotland).

Lucia Giles

Content Team Lead

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Lucia is a senior content strategist at Megawatt, helping clients combine thought leadership with results-driven execution. She brings a decade of marketing and PR agency experience to the table — with previous roles in the technology and hospitality industries. Thanks to #agencylife, she’s had her hands in all types of projects throughout the years, from website personalization to SEO strategy, publishing travel guides, executing email campaigns, pitching reporters, and beyond. She is an avid reader, writer, watcher, and listener (to pretty much everything) and loves to help clients expand their content programs to take advantage of new mediums and emerging channels.

Her go-to pick me up and cure for writer’s block: the musical stylings of ABBA. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Kevin Graham

Senior Content Strategist

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Kevin is a coding bootcamp graduate and former software developer for the fintech industry. He has worked as a writer and editor in the content marketing industry. He’s written hundreds of content assets for software vendors and technology consultants on topics like DevOps, adtech, video streaming, software tooling, and more.

His favorite book is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts because the author’s passion for India mirrors his own interest in immersing himself in Thai culture. He has spent months at a time in Northern Thailand learning the language and training in Muay Thai.

Amanda Hasto

Executive Assistant

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Amanda is a multi-tasking rock star who works behind the scenes to ensure Megawatt’s leadership team has the highest level of support. With several years spent in education and a strong background in administrative assistance, her extended experience with problem solving, project management, and organizational effectiveness helps set our team up for success.

What motivates her, “Is that we have one life to live. Each day I try to take the extra step to accomplish as much as I can, enjoy as much as I’m able, and strive to be 1% better than the day before”.

Jane Haynie

Content Team Lead

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Jane spent a decade hopping between sales and marketing roles at small startups before following her passion and pursuing a content development career in tech. Over the past seven years, she has become a maker of targeted messaging that adapts to the technology, audience, and priorities of the SaaS and IT companies she supports. Creating the most panoptic content with the fewest number of words is both her nemesis and ultimate aspiration.In addition to writing and editing, she runs a pole and aerial dance studio in St. George, UT, where she gets to hang out in her favorite place – the air (because she is quite awkward on the ground).

Her favorite book is “True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle,” which taught her at the young age of 16 that she didn’t want to be a ‘proper girl,’ but instead wanted to get mud under her fingers, rain on her face, and grit in her soul to accomplish her goals in life.

Lawren Henderson

Content Strategist

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Lawren has been writing stories since he discovered the family word processor at nine years old. Now as a content strategist, he’s using the writing skills honed over decades to help brands effectively communicate their stories and messages. Previously, he worked as a reality television producer and then as a content writer for a B2B marketing agency. His love of disruptive technology and the written word has led him to Megawatt. 

Lawren’s favorite book is Perfume: Story of a Murder and he highly recommends the audiobook of The Great Gatsby read by Jake Gyllenhaal who makes a perfect Nick Carraway.

Alexandra Lin Holden

Content Strategist

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Alex is just a girl from New Jersey. She was an embedded producer in the space industry for four years, working with spaceflight entities and Hollywood production houses to bridge the gap between real life scientific discovery and the popular culture it inspires. Alex shifted her focus to B2B tech after seeing how digital growth plays a key role in bringing communities closer together. She’s also an award-winning playwright, with her creative work focusing on the intersections of science and art, being Chinese and American, and the mixed race experience.

Her favorite book is The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. She recommends watching the movie with Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins if you’re ever in need of a healthy cry.

Samaria Johnson

Associate Content Strategist

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From writing for textbook companies to crafting B2B marketing emails to even a brief stint professionally creating dating profiles, Samaria likes to take on wide-ranging topics and condense them into something brief (and fun to read).

Samaria currently doesn’t have a favorite book, but her least favorite is definitely Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace.’

Jenna Kominski

Content Strategist

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Jenna has been working in the B2B tech space for her entire career. Through her professional journey, she has gained experience in content creation, demand gen, social media management, and event planning.

Her go-to movie is Monsters Inc. With the music, character development, plot twists, and obscene amount of doors, what’s not to love?

Scott McKinney

Content Strategist                                       

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A mathematician at the core, Scott is a math teacher and tutor turned content writer. He became an expert at teaching math but grew bored so found a way to work in the business writing world. He started writing for trade publications then transitioned to writing marketing content for software vendors and service providers on topics like data analytics, software development, business intelligence, enterprise architecture, and more.

His favorite book is Godel, Escher, Bach, though he has never made it to the end (inside joke among mathematicians and computer scientists). In his free time he studies pre-Columbian civilizations in North and South America and practices Qigong daily.

Maria Nunez

Project Management Lead

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Maria began her career by joining Teach for America in 2013. She spent almost a decade working in the public charter school system both as a teacher and in school leadership. In 2020 Maria completed her MBA at Rice University’s Jones Business School, with the goal of an eventual pivot out of education. Her time in education fostered a passion for coaching and developing others, which she is excited to continue in her role as Manager of Coaching and Professional Development at Megawatt. 

Maria lives near Houston with her husband and son. They are big on family time and good food, and they travel often to visit his family in Mexico and her family in Argentina. Maria has had the same favorite books for way too long (A Thousand Splendid Suns and Breaking Night) and is on the hunt for a new favorite book.

Shane O’Neill

Content Team Lead                                          

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After 12 years in tech media as a reporter and managing editor, Shane transitioned to content marketing in 2015. Since then he has worked in content director roles at B2B tech startups in the software testing and ad tech spaces. As Content Team Lead at Megawatt, Shane applies the tech startup insights he gleaned to work with the Megawatt team on producing exceptional content for clients.

Outside of work, Shane’s passion is music. He frequently performs solo acoustic shows at Boston-area bars. Shane has released two albums of original songs with a third album in the works, which he crowdfunded (thanks friends and family!). 

Adam Patton

Senior Content Strategist & Analytics Lead

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Trained as a journalist, Adam cut his teeth in the world of digital publishing before discovering his passion for B2B content marketing. He believes well-told stories about technology have the potential to transform our future, and he loves finding the magic that can happen at the intersection of brand and performance marketing. Adam’s favorite book is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? because he agrees that “the electric things have their life, too.”

Angel Woods

Content Team Lead

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After graduating with her MA in writing and publishing from DePaul University, Angel worked for 10 years as a freelance content manager and editor. Concurrently, she spent 6 years working with a Chicago-based marketing agency as a digital content manager. In 2021, Angel shifted again to work as a senior marketing manager with a college admissions firm. While there, she built and managed a team of writers and editors, developed an SEO-friendly content strategy, and more than doubled organic traffic to the website.

As an avid reader, Angel doesn’t have a favorite book, but can often be heard retelling a great Bradbury short story. As for film, selecting a favorite is just as impossible, but lately, it’s 35 Shots of Rum–economical French filmmaking at its best. And, a great reminder for her to keep practicing her French.

Chris Zegel

Utility Player, Finance & Tech

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A tech product manager by day and Megawatt’s CFO and CTO by early mornings and late evenings, Chris is a true utility player. He brings a keen sense of style and a mildly disconcerting mental archive of internet ephemera to the team. He also brings a broad analytical and technical skillset that keeps the Megawatt trains running on time.

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