SEO content is great for bolstering traffic to your website, but increased traffic on its own is a useless metric. The real challenge is bringing in readers who will continue to engage with your website and product, ultimately leading to more conversions. 

This was the puzzle Snyk and Megawatt put their heads together to solve. Luckily, collaboration has long been the theme of Megawatt’s relationship with Snyk, a cybersecurity unicorn that delivers a world-renowned developer security platform. Writing for a DevSecOps audience is inherently challenging, so Snyk has long relied on Megawatt for our ability to dive deep into the subject matter while still producing crystal clear content.

TLDR Summary

Snyk and Megawatt work together on topical blog posts, fun engagement-focused social posts, and reports, as well as strategic SEO content — specifically, using content to leverage organic search as a traffic and customer acquisition channel. 

Last year, we made a data-informed choice to dedicate a significant portion of our scope toward mid-funnel content that appeals to searchers looking into the symptoms and problems that Snyk solves. After giving these articles time to mature in the search results, the company saw significant performance gains in Q4 2023, including: 

  • A 20% increase in search-optimized content engagement (vs the previous quarter). 
  • 380 new Snyk accounts created after landing on search-optimized content. 
  • 30 product demos booked after landing on search-optimized content. 

Here’s why Snyk and Megawatt are committed to a full-funnel SEO strategy now and in the future. 


Great SEO momentum, but a need for more engagement 

When conducting a content analysis in late 2022, Megawatt identified an opportunity to add another layer of performance — and funnel depth — to Snyk’s robust SEO engine. The team noted that content was doing a great job driving organic search traffic. However, because much of this content was top-of-funnel (ToFu) and educational in nature, many readers bounced from these pages without delving deeper into the website. 

ToFu content casts a wide net, drives large traffic volumes, and attracts attention from folks who may or may not ever be interested in buying the product. For example, someone searching “open source license” on Google might be a developer with compliance needs (a good fit for Snyk), or it could be a lawyer who heard the term in the news and wanted to learn what it means (not a good fit for Snyk). 

We wanted to target readers who might want more than a quick answer to a question, people with deeper technical challenges that Snyk can solve.” – Adam Patton, Content Team Lead at Megawatt

In order to reach customers lower in the funnel, Megawatt developed a plan to produce SEO content geared toward their target audience’s challenges to drive readers to additional content, product pages, and, ultimately, bolster account creation or demo requests. 

With Snyk, we determined that a signal of success would be a decreasing bounce rate, defined under Google Universal Analytics as the percentage of site sessions in which users viewed only a single page.*  

*Following the transition to Google Analytics 4 in 2023, we shifted our goal to increasing content engagement rate, which is the inverse of bounce rate


Expanding into MoFu content for SEO 

Megawatt recommended baking middle-of-funnel (MoFu) content into Snyk’s strategy to boost content engagement while still leveraging search as a primary distribution channel. In the context of SEO, we chose to define MoFu content as articles that: 

  • Target long-tail keywords
  • Speak to readers who fit the ideal customer profile. 
  • Address specific pain points or jobs to be done. 
  • Promote key product value propositions. 
  • Link to other product-related content. 


For marketers like us who use the awareness spectrum to complement the traditional funnel, MoFu content for SEO focuses heavily on problem-aware potential buyers who are searching topics and questions that indicate they may be a good fit for Snyk’s products (e.g., “how to remediate vulnerabilities” or “application security best practices”). Solution-aware content, which overlaps with the bottom-of-the-funnel (BoFu), captures queries that signal the person might be actively looking to buy (e.g., “static code analysis tools” or “cloud native security platform”). 

“Refreshingly, Megawatt understands the importance of moving readers through a funnel — not just running up vanity numbers. As someone tackling big SEO projects with a small SEO team, Megawatt has been a welcomed partner in conversion strategy and execution.” – Ben Joels, SEO Lead at Snyk

To build strong inputs for the new MoFu strategy, Megawatt reviewed Snyk’s updated product messaging and identified the most valuable features for each product. Next, we reverse-engineered the customer journey to determine the symptoms, questions, and jobs-to-be-done directly or tangentially related to those features. Our team then used those topics to plan an editorial calendar aligned with Snyk’s campaigns and marketing priorities.  

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MoFu SEO-content drove 115K sessions in Q4 2023

Having laid a foundation for the revised SEO strategy in Q4 2022, Megawatt and Snyk dedicated a portion of our 2023 content plan to producing MoFu articles. As with almost all facets of SEO, consistency is key, so the team worked to ensure that content in this lane was shipped and published monthly. 

After giving some of the content time to mature in the search engine results pages (SERPs), the team took stock of performance in Q4 2023, one year after agreeing on the initial strategy. The results were remarkable. While the mid-year transition to Google Analytics 4 made it difficult to compare the entire year, data from H2 2023 paints a clear picture of success. 

MoFu SEO content drove 115,000 sessions to in Q4. Even more importantly, these sessions led to a 20% uplift in SEO content engagement compared to Q3, as new MoFu content continued to climb the SERPs and earned clicks. 

This validates our initial hypothesis that product-related articles optimized for problem- and solution-aware topics would attract readers with technical challenges who are willing to learn more about Snyk. 

Megawatt has been an amazing partner as our content needs have scaled during hyper-growth. Along with the quality of their work, their open collaboration, timely delivery, and endless flexibility have helped us meet goals that may have otherwise been unreachable.” – Tony Sleva, Senior Content Marketing Lead at Snyk 

In addition to achieving our goal of increasing engagement rate, these MoFu articles on valuable topics such as disaster recovery testing, finding security vulnerabilities, and automated code review have been some of Snyk’s highest converting articles when it comes to getting people to try the product. In Q4, Snyk saw 380 accounts created (a 40% increase from Q3) and 32 demos booked (a 128% uplift) from readers who landed on SEO content.


A strategic partner for all your content needs 

We are thrilled to work with companies like Snyk that deeply understand the value of content marketing and enjoy collaborating to build a strategy that helps achieve key business goals. Interested in discovering how Megawatt can help take your content program to the next level? Let’s connect.

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Meg Scarborough
Meg Scarborough

Meg Scarborough is the CEO and founder of Megawatt. She has been a B2B tech content strategist for over a decade and enjoys working with clients in the cybersecurity, AI, machine learning, IT, and Dev/DevOps spaces. In her spare time, you can find her testing new recipes or hanging out with her family and small menagerie of pets in Boston, MA.

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