A Full-Funnel Video Marketing Strategy Cheat Sheet

A full-funnel video marketing strategy cheat sheet

“We’re interested in video.” It’s a line we’re hearing more and more from clients and prospects. And it doesn’t surprise us—as one client told us recently, “We’re seeing a lot of success with our videos and want to do more.”

Here’s the thing — if you’re a B2B company creating content and video isn’t part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re effectively marketing with one hand tied behind your back. Written content and paid advertising will only get you so far because, well, people love video! 

Let’s look at some stats:

  • People watch 17 hours of online video a week. That’s an entire waking day staring at moving images on a screen!
  • 79% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy software or an app.
  • 91% say video marketing has helped them increase traffic.
  • 73% prefer to learn by watching a short video. 

Companies (especially those in growth mode) understand that to reach their customers, they have to add video to their content mix. And we at Megawatt offer video creation services to help advance that goal. 

But unfortunately, many marketers are adding video in a suboptimal wrong way. They look to add videos haphazardly rather than methodically, dropping a few here and there and hoping something sticks. While you can see some ROI this way, maximizing your investment in video content requires creating a well-devised marketing strategy designed specifically to reach specific goals. 

In this post, we’re going to reveal:

  • Which types of videos to create to move customers down the marketing funnel,
  • How to distribute your videos,  
  • And which metrics to use to measure success.

Video types for each stage of the funnel 

A word of advice: don’t just start creating videos because you want something to post on social media or your homepage. The first step is to define your marketing goals and let them inform the videos you’d like to create. 

Your overall business goal is to generate revenue from paying customers. How? By moving them down the marketing funnel. If you’re reading this, you likely understand the marketing funnel, so I won’t go into deep detail. But at a high level, keep this in mind.

  • Top of Funnel (ToFu): The goal is to capture the attention of potential customers and generate awareness of your brand.
  • Middle of Funnel (MoFu): The goal is to build a relationship with leads and prospects by addressing their pain points and providing valuable solutions.  
  • Bottom of Funnel (BoFu): The goal is to reveal how your solution is the one your leads and prospects have been looking for, thus converting them into customers. 

As a marketer, you must determine which part(s) of the funnel you need to invest in and then create videos to address that specific stage of the customer journey. Here are some types of videos you can produce to target each stage:


Top of Funnel marketing videos should capture the attention of a broad audience and create awareness about a brand, product, or service. They typically target people who are at the beginning of their customer journey and may not be familiar with the brand or have a specific need in mind. The focus is on building trust and credibility while showcasing the unique value proposition of the brand. These videos are typically shorter in length, ideally a minute long are less. The shorter duration helps in capturing and retaining the audience’s attention.

Types of videos that can meet your ToFu goals include:

Brand videos

    • Purpose: Provide an attention-getting, high-level overview of a company to live on the website.
    • Specific marketing goals: Build brand awareness.
    • Description: This type of video provides a visionary, high-level overview of a company and its mission.

Report highlight videos

    • Purpose: Encourage viewers to download/read a report. Post on social and/or landing pages.
    • Specific marketing goals: Establish credibility, drive thought leadership.
    • Description: An “animated,” stats- and text-driven video highlighting key report findings that encourage viewers to learn more.


The primary objective of Middle of Funnel marketing videos is to educate and engage leads who have shown interest in the brand or have interacted with ToFu content. These videos should provide valuable information, address specific pain points, and showcase the brand’s expertise to build trust and credibility. Prospects at this stage may have already demonstrated some level of engagement with the brand but may require more information or convincing before making a purchasing decision. The videos should provide the necessary knowledge and content to move them closer to a conversion. It’s common for these videos to be longer than ToFu videos.

Types of videos that can meet your MoFu goals include:

Q&A videos

    • Purpose: To position an SME as a thought leader. 
    • Specific marketing goals: Establish credibility, brand awareness, thought leadership.
    • Description: A Q&A-style interview with an executive/SME that dives into a thought leadership topic. Can be branded as a series, repurposed as a blog or byline. Can also be used for customer testimonials or spotlights.

Webinar bites

    • Purpose: Repurpose webinar content for social media promotion and/or ads.
    • Specific marketing goals: Drive social traffic, thought leadership.
    • Description: These video clips feature soundbites from either a single or multiple speakers from a webinar. 

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Bottom of Funnel marketing videos are designed to drive conversions and close the sale. They should showcase the value, benefits, and unique selling propositions of the brand, product, or service. The video messaging should create a sense of urgency, address any remaining concerns or objections, and provide social proof to instill confidence in the potential customer’s decision. BoFu videos can vary in length, from a few minutes to longer-form videos.

Types of videos that can meet your BoFu goals include:

Onboarding videos

    • Purpose: Designed to guide users through the initial steps of getting started with your solution, showcase the value and features of the offering, and foster a positive user experience.
    • Specific marketing goals: Increase user adoption, reduce churn and support queries, and enhance brand perception.
    • Description: These videos utilize screen recordings, animations, voiceover narration, and footage to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Product explainers

    • Purpose: Explain the features, benefits, and value proposition of your offering in an engaging and memorable way.
    • Specific marketing goals: Increase product awareness, drive conversion and sales, enhance brand differentiation
    • Description: These videos utilize storytelling techniques, animations, visual aids, and engaging narration to convey the features, benefits, and value proposition of your solution. 

Customer case studies

    • Purpose: Showcase real-life success stories and experiences of satisfied customers.
    • Specific marketing goals: Build trust and credibility, drive conversion and sales
    • Description: Interviews from customers, along with supporting visuals and data that illustrate their journey and outcomes achieved through the use of your solution.

Distribution is half the battle

Creating engaging and compelling video marketing content is just half the battle; the other half is properly distributing the videos for maximum effect. The distribution of your marketing videos, whether on your website, email campaigns, social media platforms, or paid advertising, should be determined by your marketing goals and the specific stage of the buyer’s journey you are targeting.

ToFu video distribution

Here are the distribution channels to leverage to support your ToFu video strategy of generating awareness and capturing the attention of a wide audience.

  • Website: Embedding your ToFu videos on prominent pages can engage visitors and introduce them to your brand.
  • Social media: Utilize platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to reach a broader audience. 
  • Paid ads: Target relevant demographics and interest groups to capture the attention of potential customers.

MoFu video distribution

Consider the following distribution channels to nurture and inform leads with your MoFu videos:

  • Email campaigns: Use video content in your email marketing campaigns to engage leads and provide them with valuable educational content. Include video thumbnails and links that direct site visitors to landing pages or dedicated video sections on your website.
  • Website: Create dedicated video sections or resource libraries on your website where leads can access your MoFu videos.
  • Social media: Utilize platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to share videos and engage with your audience directly, fostering discussions around your video content.

BoFu video distribution

Here’s how you can distribute BoFu videos effectively to drive leads to a purchase decision. 

  • Website: Embed BoFu videos that address customer pain points and illustrate your value proposition prominently on your product pages or landing pages. 
  • Email campaigns: Email customer success stories to build trust and provide social proof. Include limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency and drive purchase decisions.
  • Paid ads: Utilize paid advertising to target leads who have shown intent and engagement with your brand. Retargeting ads on social media or search engines can remind prospects about your offering and encourage them to take action.

Metrics to measure success

Producing and distributing videos isn’t the start and finish of your video marketing strategy. Now you’ve got to use metrics to evaluate whether they’re succeeding. But all metrics aren’t applicable for every stage of the funnel. You’ll want to use metrics specific to each stage to determine success.

ToFu video metrics

  • Video completion rate: the percentage of viewers who started watching a video and watched it through until the end.
  • Video click-through rates: the percentage of viewers who watched a video and subsequently clicked on a call-to-action (CTA) within the video.
  • Email click-through rates: the percentage of recipients who opened an email and clicked on the embedded video link.

MoFu video metrics

  • View count: the number of times viewers watched your video.
  • Play rate: the percentage of people who have seen your video and engaged with it by playing it. 
  • Website traffic or time-on-page: the number of visitors to your web page and time spent on it.

BoFu video metrics

  • Customer video completion rate: for your onboarding videos, the percentage of customers who play your video and watch all of it.
  • Social engagement: the number of likes and comments on your videos (analyze trends).
  • Social shares: the number of times social media users share your video.

Megawatt can help with your video needs

Is your company interested in video content but doesn’t have the time, expertise, or people to execute? We can help with that! Our agency offers video creation and strategy services. We’ll work with you to produce the types of videos mentioned above, and use our expertise to help you develop and execute a plan for utilizing your video content for maximum effect.

Visit our video marketing page for more information on our offerings.

Want to learn more about how Megawatt can support your video marketing efforts?  Contact us today.

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