Four Reasons to Work at Megawatt

Many creatives have their own love-hate relationship with agency life. 

On the one hand, they love the purpose, the structure and the support of doing ambitious, meaningful work for unique, interesting clients that agencies provide. On the other hand, well… 

At Megawatt, we feel the same way. That’s why we built our agency around everything we love—genuine relationships, meaningful creative, and exceptional clients—without the bleary-eyed misery of five-hour meetings.

If that means something to you, keep reading. Because it means everything to us.

Here are four key reasons why you might like to work at Megawatt.

1. Mission-Led Creative

Unlike other agencies, you’re not working in a silo, unsure of what you’re doing or why. Instead, you get the chance to actually create, collaborate and invest in real work, used by real companies, for a real purpose. 

At Megawatt, we work closely with our clients as a strategic partner to craft content that is aligned to their sales and marketing objectives. 

In fact, we believe that creating end-to-end partnerships is the only way to create holistic, meaningful creative that moves the needle. 

Committing time to develop mission-driven content is a luxury, one we’re afforded by working with…

2. Excellent Clients

Every client we work with is vetted to ensure we have a successful relationship, including ambitious products, good attitudes, and clear needs for us to work together. 

That focus on a positive working relationship isn’t a given for other agencies — indeed, misery is often seen as a badge of honor — but we understand that a strong client relationship allows for better work to flow in three key ways.

  • By choosing clients with ambitious products, we are empowered to write with earned confidence and authentic excitement, ensuring that our work is natural.
  • By choosing clients with good attitudes, we can establish a strong working relationship, one where we can get to know and understand our clients and their environment at a deeper level. This insight ensures that we can maximize and meet client needs.
  • By choosing clients with clear needs for our work, we ensure that all our work is strategic, meaningful and engaging — to read and to write.

At Megawatt, we value our employees and clients. By vetting both, we can ensure a meaningful fit for all involved.

3. Collaborative Work Environment

Despite being a fully remote working environment, Megawatt is a collaborative work environment that maximizes your available resources.

Since the Megawatt team is built with technical gurus, writing nerds, detail obsessives, and analytics enthusiasts, your work is always supported and reinforced by experts dedicated to improving the end result.

We believe that the collaborative process is the best way to produce clear, clean and charismatic work. That’s why, in addition to having access to a full-stack team of diverse experts at Megawatt, you also have access to coaching, rather than mere management.

To quickly explain the difference:

  • Managing is about getting the most out of an employee that you can.
  • Coaching is about getting the employee to be the most they can be.

By emphasizing the coaching aspect rather than managing, we’re focused on holistically supporting you, as you work, learn and gain experience. And, by reducing the friction of a hierarchical working structure, you get to focus on what really matters: the work. 

At Megawatt, you have the entire team to support, supplement, and improve your work, just as you can work to support, supplement, and improve theirs.

4. Work-Life Balance (Really)

Burnout is real, and it can be especially felt at an agency. But we built our culture to create a sustainable, successful work environment where you don’t want to puke and die. 

Megawatt is built around a holistic, all inclusive view of work. We’re an agency that believes good work comes from good people, and we do everything we can to keep them both in tip-top shape. 

That means we take an all-inclusive view of our team. We work to accommodate your needs, factoring in when “life” events may tip into the “work” side of the scale. Basically, we understand that sometimes a sick kid may be your most demanding client of the week.

But it’s not just time off or time on. At Megawatt, we work to balance the work itself. That means customizing plans, strategies, and even workloads around individual skills, preferences, and curiosities. 

Megawatt is all about establishing — and maintaining — a real work-life balance. That’s why the backbone of our work-life balance includes a fully remote culture, unlimited PTO and a mandated three weeks of paid vacation a year.

We know everyone is different, and in applying those differences, we can build a stronger holistic whole. We find that when people can bring their most authentic self to work every day, it improves their lives and work equally — in some sort of “balance,” if you will.

You can learn more about Megawatt and get in touch here

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